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Flavours of Telangana

Patnam Farm is redefining your WEEKENDS to make them memorable. Come to our Farm Resort with your family and or friends or just alone for that Me-Time.

Join us to experience a life where mankind and nature mutually benefit each other.

Patnam Farm like a boutique showcases various Flavours’ of Telangana in food, art and culture for our guests. The farm showcases what Telangana has to offer to the enthusiastic nature lovers, travellers and explorers

Experience Rural Economy Life

We hold periodically events to coincide with local festivals. We encourage local folk dancers, musicians, and artisans, who are central to rural and village life to entertain our guests.

Telangana’s traditional festivals such as Bonalu and Bathukamma are also celebrated by the village women at the farm. Patnam Farm is the first such initiative in Toopran.

Outdoor Activities

Games, Adventure & Sports

Games: At our farm resort you can play various indoor games and outdoor games such as Carom board, Chess, Darts, Croquet, cricket etc. We also offer games and activities for children 5 to 10 years old. 

Adventure: You can try your hand at Bullock-cart Ride, Tractor driving or just go cycling through the village or trekking to the nearest hilltop.

Sports: Guest can try Olympic sports such as Air Rifle shooting, Archery, Javelin & Discus throw and Shot-put. We provide professional equipment for these sports.  

*Corporates can organize team outing and team building activities at the farm

Condos, Tents and Dormitory

Further, you shall get to taste traditional Telangana food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – which will be cooked by the local women. Although traditional food is cooked for you, arrangements can be made if you prefer any other kind of food.

Tourist Packages

Patnam Farm is a weekend getaway destination, which is close to the city and yet away from the city rush. You have the freedom to tailor packages that suits your taste and requirements; from a whole day package to a weekend package or a single person to group stay with friends and family. Remember the aim is not to stay near a village but to be part of village life.

We offer a variety of Packages for Couples, Families, Special occasion and corporate events. Packages can be tailored as per your budget, liking and suits your taste.

  1. For couples & family- Day & Night Stay Package 
  2. Special Occasion: Proposal to sweetheart/Theme Engagement & Wedding / Reception party, Pre-wedding party
  3. Pre-wedding Photoshoot
  4. Corporate party: Team outing/vendor meet/Team training
  5. Students -Visit 

For details call or WhatsApp to Mr Manoj Kumar, Supervisor on                            +91 91001 84470 +91 73827 19470 +91 9000 2233 76 or send mail to sunil@patnamfarm.com

Local flora and Fauna

We along with our guests planted over 5000 trees, shrubs, bushes, creepers etc, at our Farm Resort. Our aim is to plant a total of 10,000 treas in and around our farm.

When you stay with us- taste organic fruits such as Papaya, Mango, Custard apple, Lemon, Pomegranate at the resort.  

We also run a small cottage industry for pickle making. Our mango and lemon pickles go through natural ripping process thus are in great demand among our guests and customers. 

We restored a hundred-year-old weel back to its old glory and it has become one of the main sources of water for the farm. 

You can also witness the natural flora and fauna of Islampur. Bees and Ladybugs lingering around wild plants in their abundance is a common sight here.


Patnam Farm is suited in Islampuri village that is nestled on the periphery of the Toopran Reserve forest on the Nagpur highway. It is 90 mins drive from Paradise crossroads, Hyderabad.

For details call or WhatsApp to Mr Manoj Kumar, Supervisor on                           

+91 90002-23376

+91 91001-84470

+91 73827-19470

or send mail to sunil@patnamfarm.com

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